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Chris Hancock, Managing Director

The author

Chris Hancock

Managing Director

Helping Vodafone put itself at the heart of its business communities

As Britain’s business population grows year on year, Vodafone is putting itself at the heart of business communities with a regional roll-out of its services. Vodafone will be organising its business account management, customer services and network teams regionally to ensure it is better able to service its customers where they operate.

The regional model follows the launch of a highly successful pilot programme in Leeds last year conducted by Jaywing’s Customer Contact Centre, resulting in the subsequent success of the deployment of regional teams with local knowledge to support smaller businesses across the UK.  The pilot model led the company to identify and acknowledge the importance of going local when it comes to doing business.

“That pilot saw customer satisfaction rates significantly increase,” says Phil Mottram, Vodafone UK Enterprise Director. “We were able to get to know our customers even better, and run or support events within local business communities. This move to work with SMEs, mid-sized and even larger businesses, as well as local public sector organisations within a defined local area, will see us become more responsive and help us to transform the relationship we have with our customers and enable us to become a trusted, local partner.”

Having a partner or supplier on their doorstep is something businesses up and down the country see as a benefit, as research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Vodafone UK has highlighted. Some 44 per cent of business leaders said a company with a strong local presence can offer a better service than those that don’t, with 60 per cent saying this would be because they understand what it means to do business in their area. Furthermore, 50 per cent of business leaders say having regular contact with businesses in their area or being able to respond to queries quickly is a big upside of big businesses going local.

Jaywing enjoy a long-term relationship with Vodafone, having partnered with the business for over 18 years on various lead generation initiatives, conducted at our award winning Contact Centre. We’re delighted to have played a key role in helping to shape this model for Vodafone.