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Jaywing explore the future of customer contact at the SWCCF December Forum

Chris Hancock, Managing Director

The author

Chris Hancock

Managing Director

In December, we played host to the South West Contact Centre Forum’s quarterly meeting, where we welcomed 40 guests from over 20 businesses and shared with them our predictions and vision for the future of customer service. Held at our contact centre in Swindon, the Forum also showcased some thinking Plantronics have developed on how contact centre agents need to become the next generation employee.

To top off our presentations, we gave a first look at Jaywing’s Model Office, our newest proposition created in partnership with Content Guru and their storm platform which will help us to help brands plan and integrate their customer service offering.

Speaking on the future of customer service, Jaywing Head of Strategy, Nicola Carey highlighted the key trends that brands should consider to support consumer needs. Making the shift to communicate with consumers in today’s always connected, mobile first world can feel like a daunting task. But testing different digital communications needn’t be challenging for Contact Centres looking to offer their customers the latest techniques.  Jaywing’s Model Office allows for controlled testing and considered implementation to help join up and remove the stress of introducing new customer service channels to clients.

We understand that every interaction can make or break a relationship. Not only are brands judged by the last interaction, but also by how joined up they are across interactions. Consumers don’t communicate through one singular touchpoint, so it’s imperative to be able to deliver coherent experiences across channels that fill the consumer with confidence and trust in a brand, and that deliver an experience that builds brand affinity. Jaywing’s Model Office demonstrates how access to data expertise to uncover deeper customer insight and understanding can enable more personal, relevant and timely interactions across every channel.

The event also saw Becky Francis, Jaywing’s award winning contact centre manager of the year presenting on people engagement and how to build committed teams. Becky described several examples of best practice which were successful in transforming one of our teams in their journey to deliver outstanding commercial performance for our clients.

Alongside the presentations, our guests had the opportunity to take a tour of our award winning contact centre and observe our ability to deliver excellent customer service for our clients and their customers.