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Charlotte Faulkner, Sales & Marketing Manager

The author

Charlotte Faulkner

Sales & Marketing Manager

The damage of high abandoned call rates

An abandoned call is often the result of two main things: the navigation of automated messaging, which proves too confusing for the customer, or being kept on hold, which can be arduous to endure. Abandoned calls lead to customer dissatisfaction, churn and long-term reputational damage. And this hits the bottom line.

Writing for, Chris Hancock, Contact Managing Director at Jaywing, takes a look at the problem and offers some advice. Below is just a snippet – you can read the full article here.

Analyse what is happening. Where in the process are calls abandoned? For example, during the initial messaging or perhaps when they’re kept waiting. Question how often and whether there is a specific time it happens? Do you have technical or user difficulties? Armed with your process insight, consider what you can do to improve the customer experience. Look at the automated messaging from the customer’s point of view or offer a call back service. Monitor times of high demand and plan accordingly or use your website and social media proactively.

One-to-one human interaction via a contact centre is usually the most expensive way a brand uses to communicate with a customer, so it has to be worth every penny. It presents a valuable opportunity to get the voice of your brand across and really make an impression, potentially generating word-of-mouth recommendations from customers too. Remember, your customer also invests time and effort in your brand when communicating in this way, so you must leave them with a good impression.

You can read the full article by Chris Hancock here on