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Rob Shaw, CEO UK & Australia

The author

Rob Shaw

CEO UK & Australia

Jaywing has launched Jaywing Intelligence, a new suite of technology products and services that use machine-learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) to help brands deliver smarter, data-driven marketing.

What makes Jaywing Intelligence unique is the way it gathers business-revolutionising insight for clients, and frees them up to think, not do. It’s made up of three components: data collection, intelligence, and automated real-time decisions.

The collection of data from multiple online and offline sources is automated, before advanced algorithms – able to crunch through billions of data points – produce deep insight and intelligence. The use of VR data visualisation helps bring complex data analysis to life, before an AI decision engine produces automated, real-time marketing decisions.

There’s vast potential for the application of Jaywing Intelligence, from driving real-time pricing changes in response to competitors, to intelligent approaches to lapser marketing, crisis PR or PPC advertising. Marketers can choose to buy Jaywing Intelligence components as software, dashboards, a managed service or via an API.

The product suite is already being used by a diverse range of clients, including Sky, ITV, Anytime Fitness Australia and KPMG.

Rob Shaw, CEO UK & Australia, commented, “We’ve been able to captialise on almost twenty years of heritage and our acquisition of Bloom last year to create a new and enhanced set of services that we are very excited formally to bring to the market as Jaywing Intelligence.”

Alex Craven, MD of Jaywing Intelligence explained, “The proliferation of data has presented marketers with many challenges and often a skills gap to make best use of it. Jaywing Intelligence uses the latest data science techniques to reduce the complexity of marketing by automating and delivering greater insight and real-time decisions. Its advanced data visualisation and easy-to-use interfaces deliver unique insight and marketing capabilities across all channels.

“While there are emerging AI products on the market, few have the breadth of application or are delivered at price points that make them accessible to any but a few organisations. We help free marketers from the complexity and often mundane tasks of execution to spend more time thinking strategically and creatively.”

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