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Outbound B2B and B2C Telemarketing

Whether it’s end-to-end lead generation, appointment setting, nurturing or data cleansing, we’ll work to understand your business objectives and the type and level of leads that you are looking to generate, qualify or nurture.

Our approach is consultative and collaborative to design strategies and campaigns that deliver against your specific lead generation objectives.

Some of the tools we use are:

Email Accelerator

Constructed during an interaction and then deployed to the prospect on a one-to-one basis, emails consist of pre-approved dynamic content specific to a particular conversation, with an alert to any subsequent activity. This tool leads to significant uplift in conversion rates.

Tracker CRM

Designed to manage the sales process from end-to-end, we provide a management tool that telemarketing, field sales and sales management teams can use effectively and seamlessly, and in real-time, to track, measure and report on lead volumes.

Drive Time

Drive Time is a highly effective tool to optimise the daily/weekly grouping of appointments for your field sales team, maximising face-to-face time. Featuring online diary management to take real-time availability into account, routes can also be configured dependent on average speeds of travel.

Use of this tool has increased efficiencies of appointments for one of our automotive clients, originally achieving 2-3 appointments and now achieving 4-6 appointments per day. It has also given another of our clients a 30% saving in field sales time.


We’ve designed our user-friendly dashboards with easy access to view via desktop, tablet or mobile. Providing strategic and tactical measurement, our reporting suites are linked to specific KPIs, enabling reporting solutions to be tailored to the right stakeholders.


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